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Job Opening For Abled people.
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Job Openings

Gakaay Solution requires abled people for the following posts:-


Our Activities

Our Other Activities

Gakaay Solution for abled people other activities are following :-

  1. Accessibility Testing.
  2. Lead Generation.
  3. Audio and video transcription.
  4. Translation.
  5. Content editing and copy editing.
  6. Content Writing.
  7. Digital marketing, blogs, websites, social media.
  8. Academic writing such as thesis, articles presentation papers.
  9. Anything that needs an understanding of client needs, market trends, research and analysis and effective play of words is something that.


Electronics & Development

Under Contructions

Webinar Regulatory Service

Webinar Services

Under Constructions

ICMED Medical Training & Cerfication

Medical Devices Cerfication & Training

Under Contructions

Bima Bazaar

Insurance Bima

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FirstCare Anti Covid-19

Anti Covid-19 FirstCare

Gakaay Solutions offers Firstcare Anti Covid-19 Sanitizations. For any queries please mail us to by clicking on email id

Migrant Workers

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Gakaay Trainings

Training You Need

Any other training you need. Please message us..
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